About SES

Founded in 1999, SES has become the leading SEO and Paid Search event in the industry. SES is programmed by leading practitioners and industry thought leaders. The focus is 100% on education with a large sprinkling of networking sessions and events for attendees to share knowledge and experience, as well as develop new business relationships.

Understanding, Reasoning, Learning, Retaining, Planning, and Problem Solving

There's a thriving community spirit at the heart of SES no matter what level of experience you have. Whether coming in new or with three or more years' experience, you'll be in the right place at the right time - every time!

We carefully craft each individual agenda for every SES event at home and abroad to reflect the most current digital marketing trends. The very latest strategies and tactics are explained and demonstrated using real-time, real-life examples. The environment is carefully designed to encourage knowledge-sharing activities between the speakers and the attendees.

It's marketing that powers the growth of your business, whether it's organic growth in current markets or setting your sights on international goals. Remember that many of our speakers are not just top-flight practitioners, they're also successful business owners. That's why we also include best practice sessions on running your business in the digital marketing economy.

SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Display, Email and Analytics

We take the entire digital marketing spectrum and wrap an agenda around it aimed at helping marketers do their jobs better and stimulate business growth. The industry is changing and practitioners need to become multi-skilled to manage the convergence of search, social, display, email and the analytics and optimization techniques that go with it.

SES has also changed! What used to be call SES Conference & Expo is now ClickZ Live. ClickZ Live events cover the entire scope of digital marketing over multiple days of sessions, keynotes, training workshops and networking events. The upcoming SES events represent a return to the original search marketing conference, concentrating a 1-day agenda on SEO and Paid Search.

Cocktails, Parties, Dinners, Bars, Breakfasts

SES is a community event where not only are we getting business done, but new friends are made every minute. Relationships begin before, during and after the event.

Education, Education, Education and Education

Yes, that's what it's all about. At SES, as well as at ClickZ Live, we pride ourselves on having the industry's top practitioners, visionaries and thought leaders presenting in-depth and practical sessions. Now check and see when the next or nearest SES is happening and take advantage of pre-event discounts.

The SES team looks forward to meeting you and ensuring you enjoy the education, innovation and networking.