SES Chicago 2012 - Day 2 Agenda

Wednesday, November 14

8:00-6:00pm Registration
8:15-9:15am Morning Coffee

Morning Panel
SEO 2013: The Future of Search
2012 so far has been a key year in the digital marketing industry. Big Data has exploded onto the scene forcing marketers to be more savvy with their analytics, the Google Panda update caused many to have to transform their websites, and a new explosion of social networks such as Pinterest have provided new challenges and opportunities for marketers. With 2013 just around the corner, come and join our discussion panel with experts in the industry, who will be looking into the future to predict key forthcoming trends and advise you on next steps in your marketing campaigns to stay ahead of this ever-changing industry. Key themes to be covered include:

  1. How Big Data Analytics and Automation could help rather than hinder your performance on search engines.
  2. Will winning the second click on your site be more important than winning the first click on Google?
  3. How can marketers make use of Google's concept of the Zero Moment of Truth?
  4. Will Google's Knowledge base eat all our facts?
  5. How successful is search really anyway?
  6. Is there SEO without links?
  • Moderator:
    Dana Todd, CMO, Aftermath
  • Speakers:
    Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
    Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, Catalyst Online
    Andrew Delamarter, Director of Search and Inbound Marketing, Huge
    Anne F. Kennedy, President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
10:15-10:45am Morning Coffee break in the Expo Hall

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Track 1
SEO Tools of the Trade
If you are responsible for your company's search engine optimization, then you know that you need all of the various tools of your trade close at hand. This session will describe the tools that will help you to accomplish your tasks including:

  • Indexing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Diagnosing and remedying problems
  • Page and site level information
  • On-page optimization and much more
  • Moderator:
    Matt McGowan, Advisor, Incisive Media
  • Speakers:
    Duran Inci, Co-Founder and COO,
    Stephan Spencer, Co-author, The Art of SEO

Track 2
Spy vs. Spy: Unlocking Your Competitor's Digital Strategy
An essential component of any search marketing plan is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Knowing how to play catchup on strategy & linkbuilding is also crucial.

This knowledge helps you comprehend what links to gain, ad prices to pay, content to offer, and customers to seek. This session will take a close look at the search engine tricks you can use to analyze your competitors' game and also the free and premium tools that are available to deep dive into their strategy. Gain tips and secrets to monitoring your competitors; discover the keywords they are targeting, the amounts they are spending on ads, and the opportunities they are missing. This session will focus on both paid search and SEO competitive analysis.

  • Moderator:
    Jamie Smith, CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC
  • Speakers:
    Adam Melson, SEO Team Manager, SEER Interactive
    Sean Malseed, Vice President of Strategic Development, SEMrush

Track 3
Demand Generation: Building the B2B Social Media Machine
The road to social media failure is paved with good intentions. Without a cohesive strategy, processes, tools, and governance, well-intentioned marketers and senior executives can cause more harm than good. Doing this in B2B organizations poses unique challenges. Centralization / de-centralization of resources among global, regional, and local teams confuses ownership. The often obsessive focus on directly measurable sales results can cause under-investment in social or promote splintered strategies and tactics across the globe. In this session, learn how this software giant has put in a social media organization, tools, processes and governance that spans global, regional, and local teams. Through clear roles & responsibilities, ownership, simple tools like editorial calendars, more complex monitoring and publishing technology, SAP has taken its social media practice to new heights.

  • Speaker:
    Adriel Sanchez, VP, Demand Generation, SAP

Track 4
Beyond the Click: Conversion in a Social World
What does it mean to "convert" people in the swirling cloud of social media?

Once you understand the unchanging fundamentals of human psychology and tribes, you can begin tailoring these new technologies to influence your website visitors. Conversion expert and author Tim Ash will cover social dynamics and the specific strategies you can use to get your audiences to act beyond simply clicking the like button or hitting retweet. Learn how to apply these principles to energize your prospects, increase your online conversions, and boost your bottom line.

  • Speaker:
    Tim Ash, CEO,
Sponsored by PageOnePower

Sponsored Session
Link Building In A Post-Penguin World That Works Like Crazy
The Penguin update forever changed SEO link building and has placed high quality, relevant links is at a premium. Building great links can mean the difference between success and failure at SEO. In this session, expert link builder and co-owner of Page One Power, Jon Ball will present a sustainable, realistic solution to your link building problems. In this session you will learn the basic premise of relevancy first link building and several effective, sustainable link building strategies that work in any niche. You'll walk away with an enlightened understanding of not only how to build links but the underpinning philosophy behind relevancy first link building that just makes sense.

  • Speaker:
    Jonathan Ball, VP Business Development, Page One Power

Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum
Join us at our "Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum" where you'll have a unique opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of several roundtable discussions, each focusing on different key topics and featuring 2 experts, this session is not to be missed. Simply choose the roundtable most pertinent to you and join the discussion! You can also move freely between different roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session. After the forum, take your conversation and new contacts with you straight into our networking luncheon where you can continue the discussion!


  1. Link Building Table 1
  2. Link Building Table 2
  3. SEO Content Marketing
  4. Enterprise SEO
  5. Video Optimization
  6. International SEM


  1. PPC for Ecommerce
  2. Real Time Bidding
  3. Paid Search Tactics
  4. Display Advertising
  5. Optimizing Landing Pages
  6. Retargeting/Remarketing
  7. Ad Optimization


  1. Mobile, Search and Social
  2. Email Subscriber Strategies
  3. Big Data and Marketing
  4. Cross-Channel Integration
  5. Branding through Social Media
  6. Location-Based SEO

12:45-2:00pm Networking Lunch in the Expo Hall

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Track 1
Building a Massive Customer Base through Content-Driven SEO
There is one search engine strategy that has withstood Florida, Big Daddy, Instant, and Caffeine. It plays nicely with Panda and works seamlessly with Search + Your World. The gist? Create better content than 99% of what's out there and share that content in a genuine way. In this session, you will hear case studies on building businesses using this technique. You will take home a perspective on SEO that is so simple that it feels brand new, and a philosophy that pervades not just marketing but all of business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The type of content people respond to best online, in terms of format, subject matter, and size.
  • How to become classified by Google as a resource rather than a sales-driven website, thereby gaining far more search engine traffic.
  • How to cause your site to show up for thousands of targeted, long-tail keywords in a few months.
  • The tenets of conversion optimization: turning traffic into customers, members, and e-mail subscribers.
  • Speaker:
    Evan Bailyn, CEO, First Page Sage

Track 2
From Keyword to "Buy Words": Finding High-Value Paid Search Keywords
This session will take you beyond garden-variety keyword lists to delve deeper into how user queries signal different kinds of intent. You will learn how to go beyond the blind reading of "after-the-fact" ROI statistics; how to anticipate—ahead of time—how your most valuable searchers will express themselves with search queries; and even how to subtly mold their preferences as they progress from search queries to your ads, landing pages, and transactions. You will learn how to construct more effective keyword groups, and how to use keyword match types most effectively (including the latest radical changes from both Google and Bing) to ensure closest relevance to user queries. Relevance isn't just a search engineer's buzzword; it's the key source of advertiser profit.

  • Moderator:
    Joseph Kerschbaum, Midwest Account Director, 3Q Digital
  • Speakers:
    Andrew Goodman, ClickZ Live Advisor & President, Page Zero Media
    Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Sponsored Session
Details to follow.

Track 4
PPC beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, and Social
For some time, paid search campaign managers have been told to treat search campaigns and contextual ads-often managed through the same platform-as distinct targeting methods. But with the explosion of ad types such as search retargeting and Yahoo!'s SmartAds, as well as new tactics for managing and bidding on placements, keeping them in different buckets is getting harder to justify. This session aims to bring marketers up to speed on the state of the art. It will discuss the tools and skill sets needed to manage and report on results from multiple search engines and even Facebook, and ways marketers should prioritize efforts.

  • Speaker:
    Dax Hamman, Chief Strategy Officer & Founding Member, Chango

Track 5
Integrated Search, Social and Display for Ecommerce Sites
Throughout 2012, the leading rally cry amongst digital marketers has been "Integrate or die on the vine!" Ecommerce sites are in a natural position to make integration work for them, since their marketing strategies focus on driving qualified and conversion-oriented traffic through a number of channels, including paid, owned, and earned media online, as well as offline promotions.

Search engines are evolving and users are becoming more sophisticated, requiring an ongoing commitment to staying current and ensuring the brand and product messaging is consistent and capable of driving performance. This panel of digital marketing and Ecommerce practitioners will bring conference delegates through a variety of ways to integrate across paid search and display efforts along with organic search and social media. The panelists will also answer questions posed by the audience, specific to certain problems or the results they have shared.

  • Moderator:
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
  • Speakers:
    Chris King, Associate Director, SEO, TBWA/Chiat/Day
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.
3:00-3:15pm Session Interval

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Track 1
Geo-rankings: An SEO KPI Game Changer
According to new research published by Linkdex, rankings change significantly based on the locations where the searches are made. About two-thirds of the time, if you rank in the top 30 for a keyword in one location, you will not rank for that keyword across all other locations. Even when location is not set, the average keyword ranking deviates by four whole positions. So, if you're checking your rankings in one location (e.g., Chicago), you won't have a full picture of your ranking visibility across the whole of the US.

This session will look at how geo-rankings affect SEO, particularly when organic rankings are used as a key performance indicator of your SEO campaign. It will also examine location-specific optimization strategies, including:

  • Adding a specific locally targeted page.
  • Ensuring the page has internal link equity.
  • Garnering links from external sources that point to the page.
  • Moderator:
    Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
  • Speaker:
    Matthew Bailey, President, Site Logic Marketing
    Matt Roberts, VP of Product, Linkdex

Track 2
Insider Tips for Ad Optimization
Can changing just a couple of words in an ad really account for a 115+% lift in clickthroughs, conversions, and more? Why isn't your image on Facebook making people click on your ad? This session will describe a system that will give you better ads with less time. What works on Google is not what works on Facebook. You will receive insiders' tips for these and other platforms.

  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Nicholas Gadacz, Director of Product, Marin Software
    Richard Stokes, Founder & CEO, AdGooroo

Track 3
Putting Your Money Where It Counts: Winning Attribution Models
Digital advertising has been known to provide marketers with tangible results, answers to their questions about ad campaign performance, and guidance on where to spend their money. However, marketers are now realizing that the most measurable ad medium isn't quite as transparent as they might have assumed. As a result, pressure is building on brands as they shift their advertising spend to digital and rely more heavily on data as part of their media strategy. At the heart of this transition is attribution, the ability to evaluate the performance of each media channel. Attribution is becoming a hot topic as marketers look to attribution models for answers. This session will explore different models, places in which marketers should invest, and successful strategies.

  • Moderator:
    Andrew Goodman, ClickZ Live Advisor & President, Page Zero Media
  • Speakers:
    James Green, CEO, Magnetic
    Jamie Smith, CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC

Track 4
Optimizing B2B Content Across the Sales Cycle
With today's fast moving search and social web, content flows in every direction throughout a variety of platforms, formats, and devices. The mass adoption of social platforms has brought about a revolution of B2B information access, sharing, and publishing. Now more than ever, guiding business customers on their journey through the sales cycle requires an integrated approach to content, optimization, and social media marketing. This session will help meet that challenge by providing:

  • A framework for sales funnel optimization for specific customer segments.
  • Case studies on developing content, optimization, promotion, and measurement for search and social media.
  • Practical examples for optimizing awareness, interest, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy.
  • Key performance indicators that lead to business outcomes with an integrated approach.
  • Speaker:
    Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Track 5
Ecommerce Site Nightmares...and Solutions
Anyone that has ever launched a new Ecommerce site knows that the list of problems can run long, even leading to nightmares - ranging from an inoperable site or poor user experience to losing organic search traffic from previously ranked category and product pages. This panel will introduce some of these nightmares, which are more common than one may think, and how to proactively prevent them during the development, build, and launch cycles, as well as how to reactively stop the bleeding and move forward back towards strong sales and return on investment.

Audience delegates are encouraged to share examples of their own problems, as well as to describe how they established a mitigation and solution processes specific to their organization structure and prioritization.

  • Moderator:
    Jonathan Allen, Director, Search Engine Watch
  • Speakers:
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
    Jeff Katz, CEO, Wize Commerce
4:15-4:30pm Session Interval

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Track 1
Educating the Ruling Class: Optimizing your Digital Strategy Across the Enterprise
To remain competitive at the enterprise level, you must become a digital business evangelist, championing the move toward a more streamlined business model that entails every department working together in concert toward common goals. Learn the steps to take to build a digital business culture from the ground up, and change not only your thinking, but that of your teams'.

Moving toward a digital business culture, means:

  • Changing the way you think of long-standing tactics, as well as how you execute them.
  • Getting your entire team on board, from the top of the organization down.
  • Getting everyone moving in the same direction, and evolving as digital business itself evolves.
  • Embracing chaos, being responsive, and most importantly, deciphering audience intent.
  • Moderator:
    Anna Lee, Conference Producer, SES Conference & Expo
  • Speakers:
    Christopher Hart, Director of Account Management and Client Services, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.
    Aaron Friedman, SEO Manager, Spark

Track 2
Paid Search Analysis and Multi-Touch Attribution
Have you ever wondered how paid search, SEO, and other tactics interact and how to allocate your precious resources in the most optimal way? This session will share a case study that provides a holistic understanding of customer behavior across all digital channels (bought/owned/earned) in order to optimize future efforts.

  • Moderator:
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.
  • Speakers:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
    Jonathan Treiber, CEO, RevTrax

Track 3
Screw Link Building, It's Called Relationship Building
Guest blogging is a great way to get both links and content, but bloggers are inundated with emails for pitches. To find and reach prospects before your competitors do, stop focusing on the link and start focusing on the relationship. This session will discuss how to garner better (and more) sources by using LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, along with some snazzy emailing techniques. It will cover:

  • Ways to use LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter as search tools for sources.
  • New ways to contact bloggers, such as beginning with Twitter.
  • Emailing tactics to increase open and response rate.
  • Case studies and examples of successful pitches/campaigns.
  • Moderator:
    Bob Tripathi, Founder, Instant E-Training
  • Speakers:
    Erin Everhart, Lead Manager, Digital Marketing, The Home Depot
    Katherine Watier, VP of Online Strategy and Market Insights, Ketchum PR

Track 4
The Facebook Exchange: Real-Time Bidding and Best Practices
The launch of Facebook Exchange has opened up a new era of opportunity and performance in Facebook advertising that is similar to the wide-open nature of search marketing 10 years ago. Facebook's one quarter of the Internet is now open to real-time bidding and the application of intent-laden, first- and third-party data to 900 million heavily engaged users. Key takeaways from this session will include:

  • The unparalleled raw size and conversion opportunity.
  • Best practices and practical approaches.
  • Insights into yields that are gaining on the cutting edge of display.
  • Moderator:
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
  • Speakers:
    Brad Keown, General Manager of Marketing Solutions, Facebook
    Mike Winters, VP of Accounts, Triggit

Track 5
Navigating the Google Ecommerce Landscape
Ecommerce through Google has become more complex over the last several years. Increased competition, paid inclusion, and the switch from Google Shopping to a paid comparison shopping engine are just a few of the many recent changes. Wrestling with these changes has become harder and harder for retailers who are developing their businesses in a multi-channel marketing world. This session will help retailers navigate through Google's latest changes; present strategies to save time and money and increase profit; and cover techniques to leverage the changes and outsmart the competition.

  • Moderator:
    Jonathan Allen, Director, Search Engine Watch
  • Speakers:
    Nii Ahene, Co-Founder & COO, CPC Strategy
    Jon Venverloh, Global Head of Sales & BD, Channel Intelligence, Google
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