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SES New York 2013 - Day 1 Agenda

Tuesday, March 26

7:30-6:30pm Registration
8:00-9:00am Morning Coffee

Conference Welcome & Opening Keynote
Social TV: How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile
The convergence of television with the web, social media, and mobile has put our long standing beliefs about TV at a crossroads with our modern behaviors around the medium. Social media has created a new and powerful "backchannel", fueling the renaissance of live broadcasts. Mobile devices allow us to watch and interact with television whenever and wherever we want. And "connected TVs" blend web and television content into a unified big screen experience bringing us back into our living rooms. Hill Holliday's Mike Proulx (co-author of Social TV) examines the changing television landscape and illustrates how brands must approach the medium once labeled "traditional" as new media.

  • Keynote Speaker:
    Mike Proulx, Senior VP and Director, Social Media, Hill Holliday
10:00-10:30am Grand Opening of the Expo Hall

Attendees may choose to attend one of six sessions offered during this time slot.

Track 1
SEO Diagnostics for the Skilled Search Mechanic
Many times SEOs are tasked with finding the needle in the haystack or the answers to key problems that will singularly improve a site's performance. In the hands of a skilled mechanic, the right diagnostic steps and tools can make all the difference in a search program. Come see how a master search mechanic performs a diagnostic assessment of sites.

  • Moderator:
    Kristjan Mar Hauksson, COO, SMFB Engine
  • Speakers:
    Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
Sponsored by Acronym

Sponsored Session presented by Acronym
Enterprise Search is Evolving. Introducing: The Chief Keyword Officer. Are you Ready?
Tablets, Smartphones, new interfaces, Pinterest, Google+ - and the dozen innovative platforms being developed right this minute - are all part of the ever-changing web experience. Your role is evolving and so are your in-house search teams. You are managing more intent-based marketing channels from remarketing to social, yet for most enterprises search still provides the greatest contribution of revenue. Your teams are looking for ways to diversify, while still maximizing the value of search.

The enterprises that will succeed will outsmart the competition by better understanding customers and targeting messaging and content, based on the customer – the more personal the experience, the greater the revenue potential. Without a doubt, keywords are the best indication of customer intent, thus making keywords your most important digital asset and the only common denominator across all digital channels.

It is time for you and your search teams to step up and become Chief Keyword Officers, leading your organizations to maximize the value of keywords and leverage this customer intelligence to improve all marketing efforts.

We'll talk about:

  • The evolution of enterprise search teams and their future (it's bright!)
  • Intent based solutions for your search teams
  • Leveraging keyword intelligence to inform all areas of digital marketing

It is your time to help your organization learn the value of keywords and gain a thorough understanding of your customers, all with the intent of creating the shortest path from keyword to customer.

After this session, you'll be ready to become the Chief Keyword Officer.

  • Speakers:
    David Sprinkle, Chief Analytics Officer, Acronym
    Daniel Olduck, Vice President of Strategy, Paid Media, Acronym

Track 3
Building the B2B Social Media Machine
The road to social media failure is paved with good intentions. Without a cohesive strategy, processes, tools, and governance, well-intentioned marketers can cause more harm than good. Equally well-intentioned senior executives know they need to get social, but don't understand the channel, how deeply it cuts through their strategy, or how to guide their teams through the strategic and cultural transformation needed to take full advantage of its potential. In this session, hear about the 6 steps SAP took to take its social media program to the next level:

  • Step 1: Forget Social Media. Think Content Marketing.
  • Step 2: Define your objectives
  • Step 3: Measurement. What's 'success' mean to you?
  • Step 4: Infrastructure. Get some help
  • Step 5: Governance. Lock it down
  • Step 6: Listen, learn and adapt.
  • Speakers:
    Adriel Sanchez, VP, Demand Generation, SAP
    Jasmine Sandler, CEO, Agent-cy

Track 4
Content Marketing: How to Earn Visibility & Links through Killer Content Strategy
Link building is dead. Or IS it? Link earning is the new link building. See real examples of how to create amazing content and get it in front of your target audiences online, boosting visibility, sharing and links *naturally*.

  • Moderator:
    Anna Lee, Conference Producer, SES Conference & Expo
  • Speaker:
    Laura Lippay, CEO, SEO Gadget US
    Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Kick Start Track
Introduction to SEO
Search has one of the lowest customer acquisition rates, simply because it is a "pull" medium, allowing people to find you when they need you. Search engine optimization will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process. In clear, nontechnical language, this SEO overview will help you understand:

  • What the search engines are looking for.
  • How the principle of building your site for your customers will also please the search engines.
  • The latest optimization trends.
  • Best practices that will make an immediate impact on your Internet presence and website profitability.
  • Speaker:
    Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing
Learn with Google

Learn with Google Track
Reaching Customers Whenever, Wherever, Across Any Device with AdWords
Consumers can access information anytime and anywhere whether from their computer at work, mobile phone on the go or their tablet at home. In this session, learn how AdWords enhanced campaigns can help you reach those people with the most relevant and effective message tailored to what they're looking for, where they are, when they're searching, and what device they're on.

11:30-11:45am Session Interval

Attendees may choose to attend one of six sessions offered during this time slot.

Track 1
SEO in the Boardroom: Tangible Search Metrics
C-level executives have become increasingly interested in seeing tangible search metrics tied to business objectives and returns. And with good reason - natural search is the most important inbound marketing channel, outperforming paid search 2:1 and social media 4:1. As the value of natural search as a legitimate and thriving marketing channel has evolved, the need for modern marketers to run their SEO programs with the same level of accountability and predictability as paid search has intensified. In order to do so, they must have advanced tools and technologies in place to measure the return on investment of their SEO efforts, drive executive visibility and buy-in for natural search budget and headcount, and create a predictable model for revenue growth from natural search.

  • Moderator:
    Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.
  • Speakers:
    Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor, Inc.
    Chuck Price, President & CEO, Measurable SEO

Track 2 Track sponsored by Marin Software
Landing Page Optimization
Are your search landing pages working hard or hardly working? Landing pages can be the hardest-working part of your search campaigns, or they can kill your lead generation and sales conversion rates. Testing insignificant details such as button color and headline size won't lead to real lift in your conversion rates. This session will show you what to test, how to analyze your landing pages, and how to get significant revenue lift quickly.

  • Moderator:
    Andrew Goodman, ClickZ Live Advisor & President, Page Zero Media
  • Speakers:
    Justin Cutroni, Analytics Advocate, Google
    Angie Schottmuller, Director of Interactive Strategic Planning & Optimization, Three Deep Marketing

Track 3
Maximizing Twitter and Facebook Ads for Lead Gen, Engagement & ROI
With more than 1 billion users on Facebook alone, brands are constantly on the lookout for better ways to reach their customers via Facebook and Twitter. This deep dive session will show attendees how they can optimize their Twitter and Facebook ad spend for lead generation and customer acquisition. This session will cover:

  • Actionable tactics such as the planning process to ensure a successful output: defining goals and KPIs, content and offer alignment, seamless user flow that leads to the end goal, and ensuring sales are attributed to social media efforts.
  • Practical information brands of all sizes and with all budgets can use immediately.
  • Learn how to align content, ad copy, and targeting to achieve the best results.
  • Learn when, why, and how to use the four types of Twitter Ads products depending on the goal of the campaign.
  • See examples and results of high and poor performing types of Twitter ad content, ad copy and targeting.
  • Case study data from financial service and automotive brands currently running on the Facebook Exchange.
  • Best practices for brands running on FBX and how the exchange differs from other Facebook ads.
  • Moderator:
    Miranda Miller, SEW Columnist,
  • Speakers:
    Tal Baron, Client Services, Social Lead, DataXu
    Jennifer Wong, Director of Marketing, HasOffers
Sponsored by Page One Power

Sponsored Session presented by Page One Power
Link Building that Makes Sense
If you know anything about SEO then you already know that link building is critical to success. But to most people link building is a big confusing mess and you struggle to understand how to do it.

This session will give you a realistic, honest to goodness understanding about what link building is, what it is not and how you can do it. Session participants will learn:

  • 7 Foundational white-hat link building principles to build your link building plan
  • 23 Realistic and usable link building strategies that your team can deploy immediately
  • 15 of the most important terms and phrases used in today's link building
  • What not to do in your link building efforts
  • Speaker:
    Jonathan Ball, VP Business Development, Page One Power

Kick Start Track
Paid Search 101
Paid search advertising provides visibility in search engines at a cost per click. Every major search engine offers a paid placement program. This introductory session will teach you how to kick-start a successful paid search advertising program and will focus on the critical components of paid search, including keywords, ad copy, targeting, and optimizations.

  • Speaker:
    Jamie Smith, CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC
Learn with Google

Learn with Google Track
Understanding the Full Value of Mobile
With mobile, we are no longer seeing consumers taking linear e-commerce paths that begin and end on the same device: while many users start their journey on mobile and complete purchases on the phone, many also start on mobile and end up buying in-store or on different devices. In this session you will learn how to measure and assign value to all mobile conversions and understand how mobile holistically impacts your business.

12:45-2:00pm Networking Lunch

Afternoon Keynote Panel
Mobile Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience on the Move
For many years now we've been hearing that this is going to be the year of mobile - but have we finally got there? With so many mobile marketing opportunities and channels now available for companies to engage with their customers, the challenge is becoming greater for organizations to optimize their mobile strategies to positively affect their bottom line. This panel will address how key brands are delivering extra value to their customers through a streamlined mobile approach. Leading experts in the field will help you to learn how to integrate mobile into your overall marketing strategy to significantly boost your reach and revenue.

  • Moderator:
    Dana Todd, CMO, Aftermath
  • Panel Speakers:
    Michael Bayle, Senior VP and General Manager, ESPN Mobile
    Eric Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
    Brendon Kraham, Head of Global Mobile Sales and Product Strategy, Google
Learn with Google

Learn with Google Track
Engaging with Your Audience in a Multi-Screen World
Today's consumers no longer move smoothly along the purchase funnel. Instead of a linear process, it's more of a journey. They are constantly connected – using search, online reviews, online newspaper and magazine articles to make purchase decisions. In this session, learn how to use Google Display to target your audience in the right context and deliver tailored ads that resonate with consumers and turn them into customers.

3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Break

Attendees may choose to attend one of six sessions offered during this time slot.

Track 1
Mining Your Search Keywords and Social Data for New Revenue Opportunities
Google Instant's and Bing's intent-based results are creating a need for a new generation of keyword research, expansion, and modeling techniques. This session will offer ways to integrate data from search, social, and traditional media to identify new opportunities and revenue streams.

  • Speaker:
    Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Track 2 Track sponsored by Marin Software
The Dawn of Convergence Analytics
The combination of "big data," access to cloud computing, powerful algorithms, and unprecedented visualization capabilities has created an emerging new class of analytics tools for the marketer. It's being called "Convergence Analytics". It's the marketing equivalent of "one ring to rule them all." Though still in its infancy as a discipline, there are many vendors in the market and their goal is to pull together data sources from multiple touchpoints from the web and beyond. They're also using advanced data-gathering and data-regularization strategies to create a correlative dashboard-like experience for the marketer.

Will all of digital analytics look like this in two years? Find out how fast the landscape is changing.

Please note that this session will consist of both presentations and a discussion panel.

  • Moderator:
    Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google
  • Speakers:
    Andrew Edwards, Managing Partner, Efectyv Marketing
    Rand Schulman, Managing Partner, Efectyv Marketing
Sponsored by Bing

Sponsored Session presented by Bing
Bing Ads: The Next Evolution in Search Advertising
If you're not advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network1 yet, you're missing out on 45 million unique searchers that do not use Google, and who are likely to spend 22% more online than the average Internet searcher in the U.S.2 So, how can Bing help grow your business? What will Bing do next, and how will it impact advertisers? Hear firsthand what Bing is doing to improve its consumer experience and get insight into the Yahoo! Bing Network audience and the latest updates on Bing Ads features.

1 Yahoo! Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo! Core Search sites in the US
2 comScore Core Search (custom), September 2012

  • Speakers:
    Jason Dailey, Senior Director, Search Evangelist, Microsoft
    Brian Utter, Senior Director, Bing Ads Marketing, Microsoft

Track 4
Driving ROI Across B2B Marketing Strategies
The B2B industry is worth more than $400 billion and drives 20 times more transactions than B2C. But that doesn't make it any easier to learn about this complex business. How drastically does the online marketing approach change when you're one business addressing another? In this session, you will:

  • Learn to speak to every team in the B2B universe at each stage of the sales funnel.
  • See case studies on key 101 marketing basics that are too often abandoned.
  • Get tips on how to handle fast-paced innovation in the context of a much longer sales cycle.
  • Moderator:
    Laura Roth, Head of Content, Interactive Marketing Division, Incisive Media
  • Speakers:
    Maura Ginty, Senior Manager, Global Web Content, Autodesk
    Lauren Vaccarello, SVP Marketing, Sysomos

Kick Start Track
A Beginner's Guide to Analytics
You've researched your keywords, optimized your site, and created your campaigns. But did these steps work? Analytics is more than just page views and visitors. You must measure and analyze your site visitors and how they consume your content. This introductory session will cover:

  • How to decipher common web metrics and apply them to your business objectives.
  • How to properly track campaign performance, regardless of medium.
  • How to set goals and measure conversions in terms of dollars and sense.
  • Speaker:
    Dave Rohrer, Founder, NorthSide Metrics
Learn with Google

Learn with Google Track
Using DoubleClick Search to Manage Campaigns Across Channels and Devices
Across channels and screens, find out how to reach the users that matter with DoubleClick Search. Then, capture them with relevant creative and advanced remarketing strategies. And finally, use digital marketing platforms to holistically measure and optimize your campaigns.


Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum
Join us at our "Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum" where you'll have a unique opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of several roundtable discussions, each focusing on different key topics and featuring 2 experts, this session is not to be missed. Simply choose the roundtable most pertinent to you and join the discussion! You can also move freely between different roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session. Afterward, take your conversation and new contacts to our networking cocktail reception where you can continue the discussion over a few drinks.

Networking Cocktail Reception in the Expo Hall
WebmasterRadio.FM's Epic Search Bash Event
Attendees must RSVP
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