SES New Delhi 2012 - Day 1 Agenda

Tuesday, 4 December

08:15 Registration and morning refreshments

Opening remarks


Keynote address
Search engine marketing — The essential best practice guide for 2013

  • Keynote Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience

Keynote panel:
Integrated marketing — What does it mean?
As the debate on what to call SEO continues and much is made of the terms "content marketing" and "inbound marketing" many in the industry cite integrated marketing as the answer. But what exactly does that mean? This leading panel of experts will discuss the meaning of the term and the merits of a fully fledged integrated marketing strategy.

  • How should brand marketers execute integrated marketing across 14 very diverse markets?
  • How do you plan, create, execute and measure cross channel tactics for advanced digital marketing initiatives?
  • Moderator:
    Suresh Babu, Founder, Web Marketing Academy
  • Speakers:
    Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Dell India
    Amit Sinha Roy, VP, Strategy & Marketing, Global Enterprise Business, Tata Communications Ltd.
    Ranjeet Nambiar, Founder and Director, Urja Interactive
10:15 Networking break

Track 1
The case for social media
More and more companies are calling on their marketing team to integrate social media into their strategy. But what exactly does this mean? Marketers need to be able to present a clear case to senior management for the use of social media as an effective, measurable tool. Use this session to understand creating a compelling case.

  • What are the objectives of using social media?
  • Putting together a coherent framework for budgeting strategy
  • Managing expectations of social media
  • Speaker:
    Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya

Track 2
Getting started with SEO
What should you know about site structure, content development, internal and external links to win at search engine optimization? How do you measure the success of an SEO campaign? In this session, understand the importance of rankings and why search engine optimization is necessary for increasing web site traffic.

  • Understand how search engine crawlers (or spiders) work
  • Learn why search engines love customer-friendly sites
  • Hot optimization tips
  • Best practices to boost your site's visibility
  • Speaker:
    Navneet Kaushal, Founder and CEO, PageTraffic

Track 1
Optimizing Humans: The art of data-driven social marketing
Wondering how to explode your social media strategy? This session focuses on immediately actionable paid and organic social tactics marketers can use for enhanced demographic research and data-driven community outreach. Learn techniques for mapping search to social.

  • Explore organic and paid social mashup tactics to leverage the data
  • Discover how to identify socially plugged-in authority users along classic lines of search conversion semantics history
  • Understand how to leverage data-driven friending tactics
  • Learn what the best killer social media paid tactics are to target the "whole user" in social channels
  • Consider new KPIs for measuring social media efforts, including "friend leads" and conversion
  • Speaker:
    Tejaswi Naidu, Founder & CEO, Tek Arena

Track 2
Meaningful metrics for SEO
As knowledge of SEO practices moves from the offices of the optimizers to the boardroom, the standard metrics used by the practitioners of this former dark art are straining under the weight of the all-powerful bottom line. The days when upper management was impressed by subtle changes in page rank have been replaced by questions of LTV and ROI. As more resources are being dedicated to creating the perfectly optimized and keyword-rich landing page, C-level executives are demanding proof of the return they are receiving from these resources. This session will focus on the myriad of ways to move beyond page rank and will cover topics including the following:

  • Google's new "Search Your World"
  • Geotargeting
  • Personalized results
  • Which keywords bring traffic
  • Newsletter sign-ups, social media follows and white paper downloads
  • Speaker:
    Prashant Puri, CEO & Co-Founder,

Track 1
Introduction to SEM: How to get best ROI for your online marketing investment?
Despite a global recession, budget investments for search engine marketing continue to grow year after year. Many experts predict that spend on search engine marketing (SEM) activities will almost double just in U.S. from $15 billion in 2011 to $25 billion by the year 2016. At the same time, social media as a marketing platform cannot be ignored. Social network users are growing and count will reach 1.43 billion by end of 2012, a jump of over 19% from year 2011.

Areas that we would explore in this session will be:

  • Should Search Engine Marketing and/or Social Media platforms be part of my Media Plan?
  • If yes, then what percentage of my Media Budget should be allocated?
  • What are different platforms available? (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and how to allocate budget across them?
  • Speaker:
    Sachin Bansal, Director, Search Value ITES Pvt Ltd

Track 2
Link-building tools and tactics and the future of SEO
This session will start by discussing how old school link-building strategies are losing their effectiveness and every algorithm update forces e-com-merce sites to work harder for their rankings. This will be a clear explanation of what is and what is not working in the world of link building.

  • How do links influence algorithms?
  • Learn to build links through social media and content generation
  • How to build linkable assets

The second half of the session will focus on how SEO, the popular term in digital marketing that meant primarily link building during 2002, has faced many changes leaving the value of link building negligible. What is the future of digital marketing? This session will cover the following:

  • How and why different link-building strategies evolved and their effects
  • How digital marketing is going to change and what steps to take to stay ahead and to run a digital marketing agency effectively
  • Speaker:
    Siddharth Lal, Managing Director, Bruce Clay India
    Dwarika Tripathy, CEO, Invision One
13:00 Networking Lunch

Case study
How to create an engaging experience for your brand in social
In this session you will learn about the Thismoment DEC platform and see innovative examples of DEC implementation from global and Indian brands. Representatives from Pepsi and ICICI Prulife share information on how they leveraged the Thismoment DEC to create an engaging user experience in their YouTube channel.

The session will include a Q&A session with experts from Position2, Pepsi and ICICI Prulife.

  • Speaker:
    Rajiv Parikh, Chairman, Position2
    Rajesh Sule, Managing Director, Position2
    Mayank Chaddha, Digital Marketing Consultant, PepsiCo India

Track 1
Case study: MCCS' rebranding strategy on Online and Social Media
In May 2012, MCCS rebranded their three channels to ABP News, ABP Majha and ABP Ananda. This rebranding campaign was one of the biggest in India. It was launched using traditional and digital media over Internet and mobile networks through creative use of animation virals, social media, search campaigns and more.

Ramakrishnan Laxman will talk about the digital campaign, how it helped his company and how success was measured.

  • Speaker:
    Ramakrishnan Laxman, Head, Digital Media, Media Content and Communications Services India Pvt Ltd

Track 2
Introduction to analytics
The most exciting part about online marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is that it's RoI is extremely trackable. The massive volumes of data assimilated by capturing user actions and clickstreams is a gold mine holding answers to all the questions marketers have. Mining this overwhelming data volume to create business value, however, is more Science that Art. Very often, analytics is carried out in an ad hoc fashion instead of being taken up in a structured manner.

This session will teach you to create a roadmap for Analytics, suggest various ways to execute it and how to identify the best way that suits your Business. Hear from the Head of Analytics of one of the biggest e-commerce sites on:

  • Creating an Analytics roadmap
  • Identifying key metrics for Marketing and how to measure them
  • Making analysis Actionable
  • Moving beyond Reporting and Analysis - Targeting & RoI Optimization
  • Speaker:
    Gaurav Chhaparwal, Head of Analytics, Snapdeal

Track 1
The cycle of interactivity
In this session, Ekalavya Bhattacharya will discuss the importance of content in the ever-expanding social media and digital space, and the flow that users follow to make their experience more interactive. We will cover the following:

  • Platform: Social media provides us with a platform
  • Information: The platform thrives on information
  • Conversation: Information leads to conversation
  • Content: Conversation is led by content
  • Interactivity: Making content creation interactive
  • Speaker:
    Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Head of Digital, MTV India

Track 2
Social analytics: Measuring social media success
With more than 1bn monthly active users and over 60m users from India, Facebook today has changed the way marketers can reach and engage the online customer. Today every important brand has a significant presence on Facebook. The emphasis has shifted from acquiring "likes" to engaging consumers and fans, making it vital to focus on analytics to understand consumer behavior, track progress and measure social media activities. In this session we will talk about the following:

  • How analytics can help you better understand your audience
  • How the recent introduction of sponsored stories on Facebook has affected reach for brand pages
  • Whether LinkedIn's new introduction of company updates is a game changer for B2B businesses
  • How Google+ is weaving its offerings with search and YouTube - is it working?
  • What's new with analytics on YouTube and how partner channels can leverage them to increase traffic
  • Speaker:
    Gaurav Mendiratta, Founder & CEO, SocioSquare
16:15 Networking break

Panel discussion
Localization in a global world: Developing a cross-border social media strategy
How do you develop an integrated, regional social media strategy when you're juggling multiple channels, cultures, time zones and languages? The key is flexibility and the ability to respond to the unpredictable, to be adaptable to everything from government policies, technology and behavioral changes. This session discusses what it takes to build a successful social media strategy.

  • How do different industries respond to India's mediascape?
  • Strategies, crisis management and communication
  • Enhancing customer engagement and dealing with problems
  • Tips for building truly global team work
  • Case studies
  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Manish Kalra, Head of Marketing, MakeMyTrip
    Nikhil Sarup, Head, Digital Marketing Strategy, Razorfish India
    Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer

Meet the experts roundtables
Join us at our ALL NEW "Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum" where you will have the opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of eight Roundtables, each focusing on a different topic and featuring an expert, this session is not to be missed. Simply choose the Roundtable most pertinent to you and join the discussion! You can also move freely between different roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session.

  • The future of digital analytics
    Kedar Gavane, Director of Sales, comScore, Inc.
  • Online Branding Metrics
    Siddharth Nambiar, Co-Founder and Managing Director,
  • Increasing marketing efficiency with data analytics
    Gaurav Chhaparwal, Head of Analytics, Snapdeal
  • Video-led strategies to increase audience
    Ishwar Jha, Cofounder and CEO, avaniTV Solutions
  • Engage your audience with social
    Gaurav Mendiratta, Founder & CEO, SocioSquare
  • The future of mobile media trading
    Sandeep Amar, Vice President, Mobile Marketing, One97 Communications
  • Social media and ROI
    Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer
  • Basic rules for digital
    RP Singh, Executive Planning Director, Digital, McCann Erickson - Commonwealth
18:00 Cocktail reception
19:00 Close of Day 1
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