SES New Delhi 2012 - Day 2 Agenda

Wednesday, 5 December

09:00 Welcome remarks

Keynote address:
Paid Search Analytics & Multi Touch Attribution

  • Keynote Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience

Track 1
Content marketing & brand engagement: Challenges for 'real-time social'
With an estimated 15% of all Internet traffic originating from mobile devices and the upcoming arrival of 4G, it is more important than ever to ensure your mobile platform is clear and the content is concise. Publishers and media outlets are already well versed in the power of mobile media, so how best to utilize it in other capacities? This session will look at the various factors.

  • Speaker:
    Vijay Sankaran, Head, Digital, Edelman India

Track 2
The six commandments of a digital marketing knight
Gartner predicts that, "By 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO." CMOs of mid-size to large organizations are increasingly accountable for spending millions on digital marketing activities and more importantly on optimizing the ROI. With a plethora of digital channels on the fore - such as core website, organic search, social, search engine marketing, display advertising and e-mail marketing - digital marketing heads are increasingly plagued with a simple question: "Where is the money?" Analytics can come to the rescue by providing the essential insights to determine where spending is producing the desired results and, more importantly, where it is not. This presentation explores six critical areas that are vital to success in the digital marketing game.

  • Search engine optimization: Often the biggest "lost opportunity"
  • Website analytics: Do you really know your customers "well"?
  • An open-minded testing culture: From survive to thrive
  • Paid campaigns: The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Your social ecosystem: You don't know what you don't know
  • Competitive intelligence: Someone aptly said, "Beg, borrow or steal."
  • Speaker:
    Vinay Mantha, Director, Data Analytics Practice, SapientNitro
10:40 Networking break

Track 1
The difficulties and opportunities in monetizing Mobile
More than 100m people in the US alone have smartphones, with users spending over 60 minutes a day consuming media on these devices. That is a massive and very active user base. Despite this, advertisers are currently only allocating an estimated 0.5% to 1% of their budgets to mobile. What are the key factors that can optimize the opportunities mobile offers? This session will cover several areas of mobile monetization:

  • Understanding what makes mobile unique and how to play to its strengths
  • Being realistic about mobile monetization and its limitations
  • Location markers and how to utilize "check-ins"
  • The opportunities in portability
  • Speaker:
    Sandeep Amar, Vice President, Mobile Marketing, One97 Communications

Track 2
Cannibalization or Symbiosis - Cross analysis of SEM and SEO
How do buying brand terms and/or generic terms impact your SEO effort and what are the solutions?

  • What is the best strategy of running an integrated SEM and SEO campaign to achieve the best ROI?
  • How should you split your budget between SEM and SEO?
  • Speaker:
    RP Singh, Executive Planning Director, Digital, McCann Erickson - Commonwealth

Track 1
Web analytics deep dive
Go beyond page views and other basic metrics. This session is de-signed to help you determine more commonsense information from the visitor data you have collected. When done right, web analytics information can answer questions on how to meet business objectives and help determine future strategy decisions. In the end, your skills will help improve your organization's bottom line and prove your worth to the executives and management teams.

  • Ideas for how to segment your visitors into meaningful groupings
  • How to use the groupings to tell a story from the visitor data
  • How to interpret results in terms of your organization's needs and objectives
  • Speaker:
    Mayoori Kango, Chief Digital Officer, ZenithOptimedia India

Track 2
How SEO Has Changed in 2012
2012 will be remembered by SEO'S as the Year of Change. This year we've been hit by two of the biggest changes to SEO: first the Panda updates followed by Penguin updates coupled with manual spam actions.

  • Understanding Panda/Penguin Updates
  • Recovering from Manual Spam Action, Due to Unnatural Links
  • Utilizing Micro data to Increase CTR
  • Speaker:
    Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd
12:45 Networking lunch

Keynote address:
How to get digital to work harder for your brands

  • Keynote Speaker:
    Ashok Lalla, Global Head, Digital Marketing, Infosys

Track 1
The importance of right keyword research
In this session learn why keyword research is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Why/How/When/Who should do the keyword research? At what stage should keyword research be done? Discover the following:

  • The right tools for keyword research
  • Top 20 keywords for any industry (exercise)
  • Keywords for content marketing and business blogs
  • Different types of keywords and which keyword your business should use and why
  • Difference between keywords for SEO, paid and social search
  • Keywords for video optimization
  • Speaker:
    Suresh Babu, Founder, Web Marketing Academy

Track 2
B2B Digital Marketing in the Indian context
The B2B e-commerce market in the US is 10x the size of B2C, yet in India B2B is at a nascent stage. is funded by the largest venture capital firms in Europe and the US and has rapidly grown to become India's largest B2B e-commerce firm, serving thousands of customers. The lessons learned in B2B digital marketing are presented here, including:

  • Why traffic is bad! OR tightly targeting your B2B marketing campaigns
  • Avoid death by Data! OR profiling your customer for Profit
  • Hold your clients hand! OR conversion paths for campaigns
  • Speaker:
    Siddharth Nambiar, Co-Founder and Managing Director,
15:15 Networking break

Track 1
Leveraging video
Online video consumption is growing at a phenomenal pace primarily because of consumption of videos across mobile, tablet, computer and connected TV. To succeed, publishers and platform owners need to understand the ecosystem: positioning, product, revenue, production and organization. Many online publishers fail because they are not able to integrate the careful planning and execution of the ecosystem. The session will cover the following:

  • How to develop strategic positioning by researching the audience, measuring their expectations and perfecting the channel and content focus
  • Planning the content design, aggregation and social media sharing
  • Avenues of revenue such as advertising, syndication, subscription and freemium
  • Production, including apps and storefront development, content creation, publishing and tracking
  • Organization setup for operational excellence, including reporting, analysis, operation management and platform relationship management
  • Speaker:
    Ishwar Jha, Cofounder and CEO, avaniTV Solutions

Track 2
Maximizing ROI in ecommerce
All e-commerce websites and e-tailers should be on top of certain ROI trends and opportunities. This session will show you how to maximize ROI in ecommerce by leveraging one emarketing channel to improve the performance of another. You will hear a series of combined channel campaign strategies along with case studies that illustrate how to maximize the ROI of your campaigns by taking advantage of low-hanging fruit.

  • Speaker:
    Ranjeet Nambiar, Founder and Director, Urja Interactive

Ad agency quickfire
This session is your chance to put to a panel of leading ad agency executives the questions you have about their take on the digital landscape, and their strategies and tips.

  • How will digital marketing shape up in the year ahead?
  • Lessons learned in the past year in developing cross-media online campaigns
  • What challenges and expectations do advertisers and agency professionals need to look out for?
  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Anjali Hegde, CEO, Reprise Media India Pvt Ltd
    Nirmal Dayani, Chief Operating Officer, Digitas India

Closing remarks

17:30 Close of conference
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