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Company: AdGooroo

Chart the competitive advertising landscape with AdGooroo. Since 2004, AdGooroo has been the leading provider of Digital Marketing Intelligence to online advertisers. Our global network tracks Internet advertising activity in over 47 countries. Over 2,000 agencies and advertisers use us to track their competitors' digital marketing campaigns and generate the highest possible return on advertising investment.

AdGooroo's products include:

  • SEM Insight - Drill into every aspect of your competitors' PPC and SEO campaigns. Includes keywords, landing pages, budgets, and more.
  • Link Insight - Find, score, and build quality links... fast.
  • Trademark Insight - Identify advertisers and affiliates who are bidding on your keywords or using brand terms in their ad copy.
  • Display Insight - Dominate banner and contextual advertising by mining your competitors' campaigns.

Products & Services:

  • Marketing Optimization Solutions
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Search Marketing Software


Company: ahrefs

Ahrefs / eɪtʃ‘refs / is the world's largest index of live backlinks and the constant go-to backlink analysis tool for SEO professionals. Building their own crawler that indexes billions of pages daily, Ahrefs proprietary technology allows their index to update databases with fresh backlinks found on the web every 15 minutes, covering all TLDs, and capturing over 700 billion unique external backlinks as of today.

Using Ahrefs tools, website evaluation and competitor analysis is easier than ever. Ahrefs supplies detailed, exportable reports and easy-to-read visual comparisons. The multi-faceted tools can be used to view backlinks and assess backlink quality, gain competitive intelligence, and help anyone improve their SEO strategy.

Since its inception in 2011, Ahrefs has built a strong international user base, and continuously listened to users' feedback. Most recently, Ahrefs launched API v2.0 with the introduction of OpenApp - an ideal solution for developers to integrate Ahrefs top-notch data into their new or existing applications and for Ahrefs subscribers to use Ahrefs data in multiple ways that suit best to their needs.

The company offers both limited free tool access and paid subscription plans with additional functionality and access to data collection.

Products & Services:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Organic Search Marketing


Company: Brainlabs

Brainlabs is the best PPC agency in the world.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Company: Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas, formerly We Build Pages, is a full-service marketing company established in 1999. From its inception, the firm became most well-known for its link-building expertise. In 2011, the company re-branded, marking its official expansion to a full-service digital marketing agency. In addition to its renowned link-building, IMN expanded its offerings further to encompass social media marketing, SEO consulting, content development, conversion analysis, and digital asset development. These services combine numerous multifaceted approaches to help clients obtain even greater online visibility. The company’s CEO and founder, Jim Boykin, is a frequent speaker at search marketing events and has been blogging and contributing to industry thought leadership for more than a decade. With an in-house staff of nearly 100 SEO professionals in varying specialties and recognizable names such as Ann Smarty, Thom Craver, Kris Jones, and Chris Boggs, IMN remains one of the largest and most well-recognized names in organic search marketing.

Products & Services:

  • Interactive Marketing Agencies
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Search Marketing Agencies
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Junior Account Manager
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Chief Executive Officer/President
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Managing Director (MD)
Senior Vice President (SVP)
Vice President (VP)
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Web Developer
Web Designer
IT Project Manager
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