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Sample Sessions

Sample Sessions

The sessions below are samples of the topics typically covered at SES. The complete agenda will be posted as soon as it is available.

Beginner Sessions

Introduction to Search Marketing

This session will provide a clear and concise overview of the key concepts involved in search engine marketing. Who are the major search engines, and how can you best optimise them to gain "natural" or "organic" traffic without cost? Learn how to achieve top ranking or placement by utilizing search engine advertising opportunities. This is a must-attend basic session for anyone new to SES events.

Basic Analytics

Cut to the chase! Use analytics tools to get the specific answers you need about your search marketing campaign's economic performance, your users' on-site behaviours, and how to look for major red flags in traffic patterns. This session will keep you focused and organized so you don't wind up pouring through hundreds of pages of meaningless statistics.

Introduction to SEO

Search has one of the lowest customer acquisition rates, simply because it is a "pull" medium, allowing people to find you when they need you. Search engine optimization will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process. This SEO overview will help you understand what the search engines are looking for, and how the principle of building your site for your customers will also please the search engines. In clear, non-technical language, you'll learn the latest optimization trends along with the best practices necessary to make an immediate impact on your Internet presence and website profitability.

How to Drive 51% Engagement Through Email Marketing

You can drive engagement through relevant messaging. Businesses can strive to create connections with those whom they serve if they follow some key principles to improving their email marketing program. Businesses have driven improvement by focusing on timing, tone, format, preferences, and follow through. Based on case studies, this session will take you through specific tactics used by a retailer, a cataloger, and a financial institution to drive a significantly higher level of engagement.

Big Data: What Marketers Need to Know

The old direct marketing mantra of "the money is in the list" should be modified to say "the money is in the data." Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have been leveraging massive amounts of data to dominate their respective industries. For example, Amazon uses big data to determine what products tohighlight, how to deliver products at a better price than most of its competitors, how to ship more effectively, and how to merchandize more persuasively.

Introduction to Social Media

Social media has become a major piece of the search marketing puzzle and is changing the way we work, communicate and live. Companies are amazed by the influence social media is having and want to understand how to use it effectively. This session is designed to guide you through the complex landscape of social media and how it relates to your brand or web property. You'll learn about the leading sites, the functionality they provide, and best practices for interacting in these virtual places. You'll also come away with some valuable tips on how to effectively leverage your brand, services and products in different social media environments including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace, Digg, and more.

Intermediate Sessions

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Video has found its way into the daily routines of most Internet users. YouTube now boasts more than 100 million uniques and streams more than 6 billion videos monthly, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen. Meanwhile video ad networks and premium sites like Hulu have begun to establish real reach. This panel covers the latest developments in video-based marketing, including:

PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display & Social

For some time, paid search campaign managers have been told to treat search campaigns and "contextual" ads, often managed through the same platform, as distinct targeting methods. But with the explosion of new ad formats like Sitelinks and Product Extensions, various flavours of managed and automatic content matching, and new tactics for managing and bidding on various placements, this session aims to bring marketers up to speed on the state of the art. Also covered: what tools or skill sets are needed to manage and report on results from multiple search engines and even Facebook? How should marketers prioritize efforts?

Information Architecture for the Modern Website

We all know how to develop sites to be search friendly, but how do we architect sites for the rapidly evolving cross-media challenges of social-media, real-time, and user-generated content. Learn how to design and deploy a next-generation site architecture that maximizes your chances of findability no matter where and how searchers look for you.

According to comScore, YouTube is now the #2 search destination in the world. While the good old organic results pages still attract tens of thousands of experts probing the latest algorithmic quirks and optimization techniques, video search remains relatively uncharted waters. Panelists discuss the importance of optimising for video search, and probe into tactics like keyword research, copywriting, reputation enhancement, and sponsorships and special programs.

Local Myth Busters - Local Optimization Facts Proven or Debunked

In this session, we'll tackle the nitty-gritty of optimizing Listings and Place Pages in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. There will be no generalities or theories, just the details. We'll answer the question that everyone's been asking: How do I get better position? We'll also discuss citations, images, ratings, and reviews.

Advanced Sessions

Twitter Nation & Automation

Within the dramatically expanding social network space, Twitter has become everybody's darling ever since major companies like Dell publicized how many millions of dollars they are actually making via this 140-characters-is-enough micro blogging platform. Of course, the real question is how to bring your message across this huge stream of endless tweets and how to actually be heard in an ocean of white noise without breaking the bank. Obviously, automation is key here — but it does require a lot of insight into the actual mechanics of Twitter in general and online conversations in particular: which automation tools to use? How can you prevent getting your account banned? Treading the fine line between ripping success and utter failure — it's about the right kind of credible interaction. Learn why subtle, "suggestive marketing" works best on Twitter — and how to automate that effectively, too. Plus, learn effective strategies to outpace your competitors.

Advanced Paid Search Tactics

Your campaigns are performing OK. How to take them to the next level? Advanced PPC tactics can actually be more fun than basic ones, because you get to activate both left and right brain power, tapping into your own unique aptitudes as well as your customers' deepest desires. This session will cover campaign expansion techniques, advanced ad testing, advanced auction theory, the proper use of relevant analytics reports, ideas for bid rules and campaign automation including automating the detection of PPC scam campaigns that can divert traffic away from the legitimate brand site and increase campaign costs.

Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

More and more site owners are concerned that they might get penalized accidentally or overtly because of duplicate content. If you run mirror sites, will search engines ban you? If you have listings that are similar in nature, is that an issue? What happens if you syndicate content through RSS and feeds? Will other sites be considered the "real" site and rob you of a rightful place in the search results? This session looks at the issues and explores solutions.

Killer Facebook Marketing Tactics

Facebook! In a little over 3 years Facebook has ballooned to an astounding community of over 500 million users, many of whom are fanatically engaged. The resulting explosion has marketers scrambling for chunks of the gold rush. Replete with internal PPC (Facebook Ads), "SEO" and organic social (participation), Facebook has become a massive standalone social ecosystem all rolled up into one incredible viral ball.

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